Monday, September 9, 2013

To do list

We are tired!
...Ok, enough complaining.

Next week, best friends come for a night and then family the next. It puts some pressure on ua to whip everything into shape, although I think the only one really worried about that is me. I've been dealing with things like hooking up appliances, setting up the stereo (very important!), talking with contractors, etc. and E has basically been unpacking us singlehandedly. She even organized all the cords and random items from my infamous junk drawers. I've been known to simply dump a junk drawer in a box and then dump that back into another drawer at my new location. It kind of works. So things are finding their places and that part feels amazing!

Next up:
- have electrician check the dryer connection so the house doesn't burn down
- discuss installing in-floor sockets so we can put a lamp by the couch (did EVERYONE in the 50s have those awesome giant arc floor lamps, or did they just sit in the dark? Maybe this explains the huge windows?)
- prime the kitchen
- finish coating the butcher block
- re-key the deadbolts
- peel off top remaining layer of vinyl in the kitchen (using a heat gun and scraper. This should be interesting)
- assess the fireplace gold-glaze situation
- assemble shelves made of plywood and plumbing pipe
- assemble curtain rods, also of plumbing
- figure out what to do with vacant space between stove and chimney (this will likely be a work in progress)
- secure loose faucet flange thingys in the shower
- unpack. :(

That should keep us busy through the weekend, don't you think?

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  1. Just found this blog and loving hearing about all of this, buddy! Also, the heat fun is one of my fave tools. Much love to you and E. <3