Saturday, September 14, 2013

Plumbing bookshelf rebuild


But first, a floor update: that 40 year old glue was no match for a heat gun. We are Marmoleum-ready.

Long before the bungalow was even a glimmer in our eyes, I built a custom bookshelf inspired by The Brick House. I loved it far too much to leave it behind.

I decided to change a couple of measurements and install it in the bungalow, which has 12" shorter wall space to work with. Here are (most of) the parts ready for assembly.

It's all 1/2" black iron plumbing pipe and fittings. Very dirty, greasy stuff. Even after trying to clean it with a citrus cleaner, I still wore rubber gloves that got filthy. The rubber gloves do help in twisting everything together though.

The wood is 3/4" maple plywood with holes cut using a forstener bit, which leaves a nice clean cut. If you go slow and flip the board when the tip of the bit comes through, you'll get a clean cut in both sides of the plank.
It went much faster than the first time I built it. Each if the three leftmost columns is anchored in a stud.

For design purposes the right doesn't have a stud, so I used plaster anchors and hope no one tries to grab onto it should they trip while taking their shoes off, in which case we might have a problem. I'm considering a "this is not a handle" sign.

soundtrack highlights for today include:
Dusted - Total Dust
Fleetwood Mac - Tusk
St. Vincent - Actor (album, but the video is just so weird)
The National - Trouble Will Find Me (this one's on heavy rotation

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