Saturday, September 14, 2013

Plumbing curtain rod

To match the bookshelves, I installed an 86" black iron curtain rod. Finding studs in such thick plaster is a challenge, even when looking right where they're supposed to be. I have two of three flanges in studs and the third secured with plaster anchors. No pull-ups on this bar please.

Unfortunately, I didn't think to measure the curtains first, so they're a bit long. We don't love them, so it's likely we will replace them soon anyway.

Back to the kitchen.

Spinning today:
Sera Cahoone - Deer Creek Canyon

Dolly Parton - Greatest Hits
Linda Ronstadt - Greatest Hits, probably the most memorable album of my childhood. My mom listened to that constantly. This links to an article published yesterday about the singer's new book, and struggles with Parkinson's.

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