Sunday, March 9, 2014

Landscaping success!

After wrestling out 2.75 stumps left behind from the total front bed chainsaw massacre a couple of months ago, we planted a beautiful shore pine and were a little underwhelmed with the results. We needed a professional.

My buddy Doug from Gardenmakers came and removed the last of the stump I couldn't excise and came up with a game plan for us. This weekend, in just 7.5 hours, the front yard was totally transformed!

Here is the rock that went in the bed. Turns out two of the three local stone dealers went out of business and the one that was left wanted a ridiculous amount for a basic rock. Five hundred dollars for a fairly average looking rock?? We went to some other garden shops looking for a "counterpoint to the pine," as Doug put it, and found nothing but birdbaths and gnomes. Then, my buddies and I happened upon a construction site and spotted a rock just sitting there in the mud next to the street... So.....we picked it up and put it in the trunk. Turns out it is some sort of classic local olivine or something, finding new life as a little mountain in our quiet garden.

I really don't think the construction site will miss it.

Another productive weekend at our little bungalow!

I am so excited to get this house painted, but we're getting so much rain it's not going to be possible for a while. Once the painting is complete (I'm budgeting four weekends--one per side of the house, which might be optimistic--I really have no idea) we can start in on the back yard!

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