Friday, March 7, 2014

Exterior design help wanted!

As spring finally approaches, we are ready to begin planning some exterior renovations. Paint is coming soon, as it's needed badly, but the more exciting planning is around landscaping. We are tackling the northeast bed this weekend, so I'll post pictures of that soon (a landscaper friend recommended building up a bed for our beautiful tree to sit higher up, so that's the goal in the next few days).

The design question now is about how to get rid of the awful handrail that splits the picture window. It's such an eyesore for me and I can't wait to tear it down. (See how much better lifting that tree will look?)

I want to extend the front steps so there is a longer platform/patio beneath the picture window. I am hoping we can resurface the concrete that is there so it will match the new. Here are two mockups: one with poured in form concrete and one in which the vertical walls are clad or created in brick.


(Ignore the roof peeking up behind the house--that's a future addition and another story!)

I think the brick keeps the house more inline with the "mid century modest" style that it is.

My questions are:
1) What kind of costs am I looking at here?
2) How much more expensive would it be to use brick?
3) Is it even possible to find brick that matches?

Any input is welcome. Thanks for stopping by!!

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