Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Re-thinking the mineral oil method for the butcher block

I wanted to be a mineral oil purist when it came to the counters. I really really did. But after some 20 or so go-overs with mineral oil and still the counters seemed to need more, I continued my search. I still wanted to avoid any toxic sealants, but the idea of just sealing it all up sounded appealing. Then again there was the nagging question in my mind, Then why did you get butcher block countertops at all?? 

Then I found the Old Town Home blog and discovered that someone else had gone through the same process. I'm following their lead, except I added in more sanding (by hand): 80-grit, 100-grit, 150-grit and, finally, 220. This was last night, even after a workout at Trailhead Athletics, mind you. My arms are pooped. A workout regimen is superfluous when you have a new house.
I applied Howard Butcher Block Conditioner and left it overnight. It said 20 minutes, but whatever. I wanted it to really get in there! I wiped that down this morning and applied another coat. It feels so smooth and just look at the water beading up:


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