Sunday, October 6, 2013

Energy savings projects

Last week, we had a consult with folks from the community energy challenge program. They spent four hours finding all the ways we are wasting money in our home. The full report is due next week, but I was in the house long enough during the assessment to see that the duct boots (where the air duct from the furnace attaches to the floor) were poorly attached, leaving large gaps so that cold are just constantly poured in from the (uninsulated) crawlspace.
A trip to the hardware store and a couple of youtube videos had me sealing the gaps myself with fiberglass tape and mastic. Nasty stuff, that mastic.
But now look:

It doesn't make sense to heat the whole house when just one of us works from home in a single room and after a little research we found a solution in a ceramic wall heater. Looking forward to seeing how well it lives up to its claims. Heat at a lower price? Sold.

We will paint it to match the wall soon (isn't it cool you can do that?), but tonight I'm too tired!

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