Friday, August 30, 2013

Let the fun begin!

We got the house and closed today. The lending process was a total pain but it's all behind us know and here we go.

Let these stand as "before" pictures.

Shall we begin with the worst?

The utterly awful kitchen. The hulking honey oak cabinets are truly a nightmare.

The living/dining room is going to be awesome though. With some paint and one less ceiling fan (artfully not pictured here. Who puts a ceiling fan above a dining room table?)

Front bedroom/office/guestroom, the least offensive of all of the rooms. There must be half a dozen cable outlets around the house. Somebody should have spent less time watching television and more time taking care of this house.

Back/main bedroom:

Bathroom. Wainscoting? Why?

Exterior shots. Paint is a mess. Backyard, while large, is a mess:


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